Shortode IMDB Popups Documentation

You can create fancy popups in your articles.

Note: This is a premium setting that you can open for £9.99 from here

How to activate an extention when I buy it?


Title example

[imdb-pop id=tt0110912]Pulp Fiction[/imdb-pop]

Example: Pulp Fiction (click the link)

Name example

[imdb-pop id=nm0000489]Christopher Lee[/imdb-pop]

Example: Christopher Lee (click the link)


Also youtube videos can be integrated into the shortcode and shown with a fancy way. Simply add the youtube id to the tube argument for this.

[imdb-pop id=nm0647634 tube=sj9J2ecsSpo]Watch Elizabeth Olsen’s WandaVision trailer[/imdb-pop]

Watch Elizabeth Olsen’s WandaVision trailer

If you don’t write any content between tags, the shortcode will automatically fetch the youtube thumbnail image.

[imdb-pop id=tt4154756 tube=6ZfuNTqbHE8][/imdb-pop]

If you want the video not to auto-play when the popup is opened, you can add the argument autoplay = 0.

[imdb-pop id=tt6723592 tube=AZGcmvrTX9M autoplay=0]Autoplay is closed[/imdb-pop]

Autoplay is closed


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