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"The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" | Watch Now on Prime Video
Simpler times? Not really, when you're a housewife living a posh life on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the late 1950s who decides to completely dismantle her postcard-perfect existence and pursue her dream of being a stand-up comic. Through three seasons, Midge Maisel has graduated from the Gaslight Cafe's stage to life on the road, though her career, and her romantic and family lives, are all a bit TBD as we brace for the premiere of Season 4 later this year. For now, it's a fine time to go back to where it all began in Amy Sherman-Palladino's finest achievement to date ? and we're true blue fans of "Gilmore Girls" and the underrated "Bunheads," mind you. ? Marcus


Knives Out | Watch Now on Prime Video
Knives Out is a wonderfully clever murder mystery with a stacked cast, perfect if you?re in the mood for an Agatha Christie-style whodunnit that doesn?t take itself too seriously. As the entitled Thrombey family members repeatedly throw one another under the bus to dodge accusations about a suspicious death, the hilarious characters? quirks keep the tone light, from Chris Evans as the insolent, spoiled grandson to Daniel Craig, who went all-in on Benoit Blanc's Southern drawl ? a welcome change-up from his proper English accent as 007. ? Hannah


"The Boys" | Watch Now on Prime Video
The show that dared to expose the underbelly of some seedy superheroes vulgared its way into our heart with a formidable list of action items and to-dos. And since, in the words of one of our co-workers, Season 1 ends on a few WTFs bigger than Homelander's ego, we highly recommend checking out the Garth Ennis-penned graphic novels the series is based in the lead-up to your binge of Season 2, starring Aya Cash as new Vought hero, Stormfront. ? Marcus


Honey Boy | Watch Now on Prime Video
Loosely based on Shia Labeouf's experience, Honey Boy centers on a young actor's stormy childhood and early adult years as he struggles to reconcile with his father and deal with his mental health. The movie's heartbreaking honesty on topics of substance abuse and generational trauma tore my heart open. The movie's powerful message will stay with you long after it's over. ?Sneha


Crawl | Watch Now on Prime Video
You'd be smart to keep your expectations in check for a movie about a killer alligator. That's good. Keep those expectations at an appropriate level, then go watch Crawl. Director Alexandre Aja is known for hitting the gas hard, and while Crawl can't (and shouldn't) match the ferocity of his earlier films (like The Hills Have Eyes or High Tension), it's a fun ride with game performances from star Kaya Scodelario and character actor Barry Pepper. ? James


The Vast of Night | Watch Now on Prime Video
This slow burn sci-fi mystery plays out (intentionally) like an extended "Twilight Zone" episode, but has enough quirky visual choices to make the 50s-set thriller feel decidedly modern and will keep you guessing to the end. ? Vanessa


Teorema | Watch Now on Prime Video
Picture being brought up on obscenity charges and condemned by the Vatican after your film premieres at the Venice Film Festival! That's what happened in 1968 to Pier Paolo Pasolini as Teorema explored the aftereffects of an entire family's transcendental sexual experiences with a god-like figure. You might dismiss the movie entirely. You might be giggly or uncomfortable (or both). You could have a hard time when the inescapably seductive Terence Stamp abandons you as the story enters its third act. I love the movie because it looks beyond taboo to prove out its theory. And it's only 99 cents on Prime Video. ? Arno


"Britannia" | Watch Now on Prime Video
If you?re looking for an event-accurate historical drama to binge, "Britannia" is probably not the series for you. But if you're down for a feminist-leaning "Game of Thrones" with a psychedelic Sixties vibe that's also loosely based on the 43AD Roman invasion of Britannia, then this might be your new favorite show. ? Vanessa


The Peanut Butter Falcon | Watch Now on Prime Video
An odd couple hits the road to learn lessons about life, love, and friendship. We've seen The Peanut Butter Falcon's themes several times in film, from Rain Man to Hunt for the Wilderpeople. But that familiarity is an asset to The Peanut Butter Falcon, which allows us to focus in on the charming and sincere performances by Shia Labeouf and Zack Gottsagen. ? James


Rocketman | Watch Now on Prime Video
If you saw Bohemian Rhapsody, then skipped over Rocketman for fear of music legend biopic overload, I was right there with you. The unfortunate timing of the release amid the hyped-up Freddie Mercury film made me skeptical, too ? but I urge you to circle back and pay your respects to Taron Egerton?s fully immersive portrayal of Elton John. Rami Malek?s Oscar-winning performance in Bohemian Rhapsody is deserving of its praise, but the fact that Egerton actually does all that incredible singing and dancing himself is mind-boggling. Plus, no one ever had a bad time revisiting Elton?s greatest hits, from ?Goodbye Yellow Brick Road? to ?Your Song.? ? Hannah


"The Americans" | Watch Now on Prime Video
The tension and uncertainty of Cold War America is fascinating to watch through the eyes of two Russian spies living undercover in suburban D.C. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys ? a true Hollywood power couple ? give killer performances again and again throughout the show?s six-season run, but the countless characters they play within their existing roles (and the epic 80s disguises that go with them) make the pair that much more impressive. Is there a wig they can't pull off? ? Hannah


Don't Look Now | Watch Now on Prime Video
Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland's rhythmically edited sex scene has become more legendary than the film itself, but Nicolas Roeg's mystery has found a new generation of fans as Hereidtary, The Babadook, and the Suspiria remake have all paid their respects. A recent re-watch reminded me how heady and symbolic the story is, and you can also chow popcorn and get weirded out before bed. Plus, I swear there's endless hidden imagery worked into the frames. ? Arno


"Farscape" | Watch Now on Prime Video
If you happened to miss this sci-fi classic back when it aired on the Sci-Fi Channel or Nine Network, here?s your chance to revisit all 4 seasons and "The Peacekeeper Wars" miniseries, that brought the adventure to a close. Fair warning: Seasons 1-3 are still in the original 4:3 aspect ratio but don?t let that stop you from embarking on arguably one of the best sci-fi series of the 90s. ? Vanessa


Heriditary | Watch Now on Prime Video
Director Ari Aster's directorial debut about a grieving family haunted by tragic and disturbing occurrences pays tribute to supernatural horror. The movie's creative screenplay sucks you into the family's trauma and makes the audience question reality. I highly recommend this movie to all fans looking for an intellectual, heart-stopping thriller for movie night. ?Sneha


Lady Bird | Watch Now on Prime Video
There are too many wonderful performances to count in Greta Gerwig?s debut feature: Saoirse Ronan, Timothée Chalamet, Beanie Feldstein, and Lucas Hedges? But I can?t shake Laurie Metcalf's turn as Marion McPherson, which nabbed her an Oscar nomination and provided us with one of the most relatable portrayals of a mother and teen daughter?s relationship, maybe ever. As the hard-working parent of Lady Bird, a rebellious, determined high-schooler, Marion is the picture of practicality and tough love ? a mom who isn?t afraid to let her kids sweat when they screw up. ? Hannah


Braid | Watch Now on Prime Video
A hallucinatory acid trip of a thriller, Mitzi Peirone's Braid explores the dark nature of friendships in a way that's wild, indulgent, and visually stunning. The scales tip a bit towards style over substance, but Peirone's unique flair and voice make this a truly wild experience. ? James


"The Hills" | Watch Now on Prime Video
I want to snap open my flip phone and cause some scripted drama right now. Probably it's a good thing that "The Hills" wasn't on my radar during its initial run (I fell backwards into fandom after watching Whitney Port in the sequel series, "The City") because 1) fortunately Spencer and Heidi are whistles that I still cannot hear to this day, and 2) Whit and LC's coltish steps into the fashion world stir up some wonderful, friend-fueled 2000s memories. If the show looks like a relic to you, get enticed knowing that it was created by the "Selling Sunset" dude. ? Arno


A Quiet Place | Watch Now on Prime Video
The intriguing premise of John Krasinski?s sci-fi thriller grips you from the very start. It doesn?t rely on the typical jump scares that modern horror movies can overuse, but instead uses silence to keep you suspended in a tense, edge-of-your-seat state that makes you stifle your own shrieks. We can?t wait to see Emily Blunt onscreen again with her talented young co-stars, Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe when A Quiet Place Part II finally releases next year ? for now, I?m streaming the first installment, trying to keep my nerves a bit more in-check with each watch. ? Hannah


In a Year with 13 Moons | Watch Now on Prime Video
If you have heard Rainer Werner Fassbinder's name bandied about but were never quite sure where to begin with his filmography (the German director completed over 40 works in a career that last just over 15 years), consider In a Year with 13 Moons, arguably Fassbinder's most melodramatic and personal work. Dig into the director's relationship with Armin Meier for some context to what might be an otherwise troubling story about a transgender woman confronting her past. Get extra and read up on Fassbinder's like-wow history with actor Günther Kaufmann, who has a supporting role in 13 Moons. ? Arno


"Fleabag" | Watch Now on Prime Video
This Golden Globe-winning dark comedy sucks you into Fleabag's life as she's coping with tragedy. With loads of dry wit and sarcasm, we highly recommend this show to people that want to complete a new mini-series under 6 hours of total watch time and are fans of quirky, awkward, and complex family dramas. ? Sneha


Barbarella | Watch Now on Prime Video
"My name isn't pretty-pretty, it's Barbarella," my former roommate Wayne often quoted during our movie marathon nights, and the sexy adventures of 41st-century astronaut Barbarella played on a constant loop in our apartment. Stream it alongside Klute and 9 to 5 as the Ultimate Jane Fonda Trilogy. ? Arno


"The Wire" | Watch Now on Prime Video With an HBO NOW or HBO GO Add-On Subscription
"The Wire" is arguably the greatest cop show of all time. It's a multi-faceted examination of how drugs and crime touch all aspects of society, packaged as a serialized procedural. While there are tons of familiar faces in the cast (Idris Elba, Amy Ryan, Michael B. Jordan), the eighth graders of the stellar Season 4 will win your heart right before they break it. ? James


"The Expanse" | Watch Now on Prime Video
If your life is in need of more hard sci-fi, interplanetary standoffs, and extra-terrestrial threats to humanity, "The Expanse" is the four-seasons-and-counting series that will satisfy that need. The series had a solid run on SYFY until it was cancelled ? and much like the plot-twists of the show ? was saved at the last minute by Amazon who gave it a new home on Prime. If you're wondering what to do after you?ve binged the series, check out the source material with the 8+ novel series by writing team James S. A. Corey. It?s the series that keeps on giving! ? Vanessa


"Absolutely Fabulous" | Watch Now on Prime Video
Grab a champagne bottle from the cooler and chug down all five seasons of "Absolutely Fabulous," the still highly quotable BBC comedy centered around the shamelessly hedonistic day-to-day lives of best friends Edina Monsoon and Patsy Stone. Savagely written dialogue fuels a never-ending bender of amoral conduct and questionable parenting. And all the while, poor Saffy, Edina's long-suffering daughter just wants to focus on her studies... ? Arno


Annihilation | Watch Now on Prime Video
We encourage you to visit ? or return if you're already an Annihilation disciple ? to the universe created by Alex Garland for Natalie Portman from the first book in novelist Jeff VanderMeer's Southern Reach trilogy. As you venture into "The Shimmer," know that the movie contains a scene that frightens us like few others ever have, as well as a bonkers-but-thinky ending that could leave you feeling completely free or wildly frustrated. ? Arno


"Vikings" | Watch Now on Prime Video
To date, everyone who?s heeded our call to check out "Vikings" has become a fan. That?s a bold statement to make, but the conversion rate has been stunning enough to keep on making the pitch for this show. If you?re looking for a compelling family drama, twisty political intrigue, massive land and sea battles, and women warriors who kick ass, this series deserves a spot on your watchlist. With 6-and-a-half seasons available to stream now, once you get hooked you'll have 90+ episodes to keep you entertained for quite some time. ? Vanessa


"American Horror Story" | Watch Now on Prime Video
If you've got time on your hands to dive into something new, but don't want to commit to a multiseason story arc, "American Horror Story" is a fun pick for horror hounds. While some details may go over your head, you can get away with watching this casually with long breaks between seasons. Or, as sacrilegious as it may sound, you could skip right to the best seasons, like "Asylum" or "1984." ? James


Midsommar | Watch Now on Prime Video
Looking to watch a horror movie that will thrust you into a deep conversation with your friends about your personal and worldview? Then check out writer/director Ari Aster's 2019 critically acclaimed horror movie where a group of friends spend time in a rural Sweden village among a pagan cult. ? Sneha


"The Good Place" | Available to Buy on Prime Video
We've recommended "The Good Place" before, but we love it too much to overlook it on this list of our favorite streaming picks on Prime Video. The show is a testament to human growth and goodness, and it's one of the funniest and most surprising series we've ever seen. If you don't know what it's about, it's best to go in cold and discover the magic of the show for yourself. Trust us, everything is fine. ? Marcus


The Place Beyond the Pines | Watch Now on Prime Video
A bleach-blonde, tattooed Ryan Gosling is enough to pique interest in this crime thriller, but his raw performance is what kept our attention. A pervasive gloomy tone adds to the drama of this film, which also stars big names like Bradley Cooper, Mahershala Ali, Ben Mendelsohn, Rose Byrne, and Eva Mendes. What we especially love: Watching the spark ignite between Gosling and Mendes, which evolved into long-lasting, highly private relationship off-screen. ? Hannah


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