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    How to activate an extention when I buy it?

    You can activate your extention with the following directions.

    1)  Register pluginpress.net if you do not have an account.

    2) Everyone who registers is automatically assigned an api key. Save this key.


    3) Enter your wordpress site domain in your profile. You can open domain slot to add more domain. This option will be more suitable for those who buy multiple extentions.


    4) Buy the extention from here.


    5) Go to your admin panel and enter the plugin’s dashboard (For example: Shortcode IMDB Dashboard).


    6) Enter your api-key and click “Check” button or if you have entered before, click “Update” button.


    And done! Your extention will be activated if you did everything right.

    Important Note: You have to always click “Update” button when you update your plugin to the newer version. 

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